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In 2009, dtp-works.com was a small team of experts formatting catalogues for clients in one or more target languages. The market for virtual dtp work has since exploded. As demand from clients grew, our team grew as well. Every expert translator with DTP skills that we employed integrated the newest know-how from their home country into our services and enhanced our portfolio for an overall performance that will enable you to present your valuable publications on the international market.

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DTP work since 2009

Our DTP experts are at your service with 90 target languages for projects such as marketing materials, manuals, business reports, multibyte languages, web pages and Flash. Our high-end Services for you in the field of DTP publishing at dtp-works.com include top-level design assignments, desktop publishing, web globalisation, web localisation and individual and project-based consulting to the latest standards. Your advantage in our use of native speakers is first-class linguistic and technical equivalency in all target languages.

In addition, you will have the benefit of the expertise of our local DTP experts in respect of national innovations in the field of DTP publishing, potential country-based programming idiosyncrasies and regulations and the up-to-the-minute technical expertise of our firm. Bundled knowledge, complex organisational and executive talent and a transparent price structure are the stuff making up the success of all the modern client presentations created by dtp-works.com so far.