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Your projects are in the best linguistic and technical hands at dtp-works.com. In addition, for the layouts and design for our dtp work we use the newest editions of the following programs.

Adobe InDesign

…provides support for our layout and typesetting of your dtp work to publishing-house standards. The most common applications for this software are brochures, catalogues and commercial printing and desktop publishing with integrated animations. With numerous processing options in your choice of comprehensive combinations, dtp-works.com will make attractive designs from your vector edits in the target language.

We employ inDesign in various versions, depending on linguistic requirements, for example we use inDesign ME for the Near East language area or East Asian versions for Chinese, Japanese and Korean scripts. Our DTP experts know the most up-to-date inDesign version available in each target language and use this for to make sure the dtp work meets your expectations exactly.


… is the successor to the DTP dinosaur that is Aldus PageMaker and one of our basic tools for Mac dtp work. This frame-orientated layout program is a global market leader and enables typographic control, colour separation, overflow algorithms and much more in every target language. We always work with the newest QuarkXpress version.

One enormous potential for QuarkXpress 9 Software (launched 2011) since the 6 updates in 2012, for example, is the possibility of eBook export for Amazon Kindle and ePub formats. Here we can layout your book project to great effect, whatever the target language. Our know-how at dtp-works.com is your advantage – even in projects for the globally highly competitive publishing and book sector.

Adobe Photoshop

… is our image processing program of choice to produce your pre-press. The world of dtp work would be unthinkable without Adobe Photoshop – this software is an essential design stool for all publishing services at dtp-works.com.

The 13th professional version of Adobe Photoshop was launched on the market in May 2012, employing improved design tools, additional correction functions and now pin-sharp graphic DTP elements of unbeatable quality. Our experts at dtp-works.com use this excellent »pen in the hand« for first class results in the desired target language of your dtp work.

Adobe illustrator

Is the program we use if a dtp work is less about the brilliance of its photographic reproduction and instead more concerned with vector-based graphics and drawing. Originally a simple drawing tool, clever developers and competitive pressure have long since »transformed« Adobe illustrator for Windows and Mac into valued leader on the graphic program market. At dtp-works.com, we give your illustrations the »finishing touch« with this tool. The innovation in the newest version of Adobe Illustrator is the option to process still more complicated data more quickly and exactly.

There is also, for example, a revamped module called »blur«, a simple production function for tile-like patterns. In addition to comprehensive upgrades the user elements have been simplified and some functions completely rewritten. This not only improves the potential quality of every dtp work, it also increases the opportunities for dtp-works.com to complete project requests of almost unlimited complexity over a shorter tie and at a more challenging level.

In the hands of our experts, all these up-to-the-minute tools are your guarantee for the most modern dtp work of excellent quality. If you would like to find out more about the tools or their use in meeting your needs exactly, the easiest way to get in touch with us is by email at: info@dtp-works.com.