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DTP work require linguistic and design image creation as well as basic project experience. At dtp-works.com you will encounter enthusiastic »DTP-ers« with a particular talent for the linguistic and design fine detail of your project – and in 90 target languages. Our love of detail guarantees that your translated work retains the exact format of the source language and assures you commercial recognition of your top-level presentation on the international market.

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DTP-Arbeiten in 90 Zielsprachen

Desktop publishing requires a great deal of technical and linguistic know-how of typesetters in many target countries. With our web-globalisation DTP service, we ensure from the very beginning of your multilingual project that your data undergoes web localisation in your choice of target countries and is equally professionally prepared.

We produce user interfaces, help files and technical documentation as part of software localisation of your product presentation in your choice of target languages. Individual and project consulting will provide support for the architecture of your source files and decisions about a suitable production strategy. Everything we promised you at the start – technical knowhow AND a personal talent for artistic anticipation – we, the graphic and web designers at dtp-works.com, apply to the design of your dtp work.

Examples of our DTP projects

Marketing materials may be brochures, packaging, flyers, posters or other leaflets etc. Our trained eye plans the design and details such that your campaign precisely reaches the target group in the target languages. In order to bring the advertised product to the market with practical added value, we use complex applications to produce your manuals. Every country sets great store by meticulously crafted business reports in the prescribed format when it comes to dealing with foreign commerce – and with the technical support of dtp-works.com so can you. We have developed special DTP solutions to preserve the integrity of e.g. financial data in the various target languages.

Thanks to the experience of our DTP experts in the production of multibyte languages, your documentation is produced at the cutting-edge of technological progress, even in Asian, Cyrillic and other technically complicated programming target languages. For document production, in e.g. Urdu, Hebrew or Arabic, i.e. bidirectional languages, we use specific tools for text extraction and composition. Web pages are localised for symbol use as well as graphic media elements using coding and graphics localisation strategies. Hardly anyone nowadays works with web page programs other than Flash. Client advertising, online training programs, game localisation and much more are the professional meat and drink of our experts in all target languages.

Is all this still DTP »technical double Dutch« at the moment? Then get in touch with us with any more questions by phone or by email at info@dtp-works.com. We have perfectly mastered even this rare target language at dtp-works.com!