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Would you like to see the finished product of your dtp work in the target languages in advance? The following project examples are the results of our experience and attention to detail at dtp-works.com.

The palette of our dtp work

DTP work in in project examples

… includes marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, posters, packaging or mailshots. Manuals in both their printed and virtual iterations are mostly thick »tomes« with a hundred pages or more. Dtp-works.com uses the appropriate tools to transfer this into the target languages. Business reports, which require the same precisions, can substantially affect the future success of a company with an optically appealing layout.

We extract multibyte languages such as Asian target languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean), Bi-directional language (Arabic, Urdu, Hebrew, Persian) and integrate them specially into programming for the target market. Web pages in complicated scripts or the inclusion of Flash require the expert attention of the native speakers at dtp-works.com in the appropriate target country for your dtp work.

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