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From our project example »Annual Management Report« you’ll see why it makes sense to put projects from the first step into the competent hands of dtp-works.com. Once your web presence has been globalized, localized and published in the target languages we use the same know how about tools for recurring dtp work on-site.

Management reports are created annually

Annual reports as recurrent dtp work

… for viewing by supervisors and management boards, in financial and environmental agencies in the destination country. Reports like this contain at least fifty to one hundred pages where you report on the financial performance of your business and comment on your social and eco-political commitments to your products and your employees. Dtp work has to be executed in an accurate and appealing way for a conforming presentation in the target country.

Thanks to our previous experience with your project, our own dtp-works.com native speakers already have deep knowledge which flows together in the language-and format-compliant transmission of your management report; the product of a long-term professional project collaboration. Greatest accuracy trusted handling of confidential company information and transmission of business data with technical integrity are a matter of course for all of our dtp work.

A huge advantage

… recurrent project support by dtp-works.com is needed at the latest for the second delivery deadline of your annual report. For this we use previous translations of your project, so that company-specific terms and meanings are tailored to your new project. This saves you time and money and presents you as “master of your trade’ every year with perfect DTP services in all target languages.

Of course our dtp work for translation and technical transfer of business reports is subject to our strict »four-eyes-principle«.