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Bidirectional languages are for example Persian, Arabic, Urdu or Hebrew. For dtp work in these and other target languages similar tools are required as those for multibyte languages. Dtp-works.com has experience with the layout and setting of such documents in any configuration.

Our multibyte tools are

DTP work in bidirectional languages

Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress in the countries typically available versions of the newest program development. You thereby benefit from DTP contracts in the respective native country, where the experts have acquired significant experience in programming, extracting and merging, and other desktop publishing techniques through contract work for local clients. This knowhow will benefit your project even in difficult, technical- related conditions.

Windows-oriented layout programs allow typographic control, overflow algorithms and color separation in all bidirectional languages. We can fulfill even eBook transport for Amazon Kindle and ePub formats for you thanks to our modern publishing tools of the highest quality.

We benefit hereby from the developments

… of the past approximately fifteen to twenty years of DTP experience, which overcame in small steps the »teething problems« of the DTP tools. These technical improvements in turn increase the professional requirements that an expert of dtp-works.com has to deliver today. In our team, only the best in the field of their target languages work on your DTP needs in bidirectional languages.

Try our experience and the strategies of dtp-works.com for language and computer programming related problems. Trust our competent work for solutions. Perhaps we may soon transfer your dtp work in up to 90 languages?