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Manuals are always mighty tomes, mostly 100 pages or longer. Additionally, user manuals, operating manuals and alike contain strongly structured components of text. For dtp work, these can be transferred into the fonts and layout of the target languages only with specific programs and tools, one by one.

Our experts at dtp-works.com

Project examples manuals for dtp work

… use translation memory programs and tools for extraction and merging for the linguistic and technical transfer of your manuals into one or up to 90 target languages. We examine the tools the source files were created with and determine whether the dtp work must be carried out in multi-byte languages, bidirectional or other exotic destination languages.

We check FrameMaker files or manuals that need updating as per change protocol in advance for all aspects of the planned location, and we recommend optimal design strategies in advance of the final project initiation. Thanks to extensive testing of all available applications and thanks to tools for testing functional size and limitations, we know precisely which layout programs, character encoding, and translation memory programs are most suited for your dtp work.


Manuals in challenging target languages

… such as Arabic, Russian, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Thai and Hindi and many more have already been published worldwide thanks to the experience and the know-how of dtp-works.com. The commercial success of numerous reference clients, who had their dtp work done by our company, encourages us in our endeavor of being on the cutting edge with global publishing tools and to perform project work as a technical research service in your customer’s interest.

Take advantage of the commitment of our native experts for dtp work. Here at dtp-work.com we apply our up-to-date solutions to make your documentation projects the best!