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For the globalization and localization of your website and marketing materials, you need technical DTP tools, which are tailored to the readable online display of dtp work in these target languages.

We use : Adobe InDesign

DTP work with most modern tools

… in order to present layout and set of your dtp work on publishing house level in any desired customizable interleaving also at complex character sets. Whether the linguistic area is Near East or Eastern Asia, Korean or Cyrillic character sets – multibyte languages, we at dtp-works.com display in native speaker quality. Adobe InDesign is locally available for the common fonts of the target country. Our experts work with the newest versions in 90 target languages.

For multibyte languages on the Mac, we are using QuarkXpress as base tool. With this frame based layout program, typographical control and color separation as well as congestion algorithms and more in all target languages are possible. Our newest QuarkXpress 9 software enables even the eBook export for Amazon Kindle and ePub formats. Book or website, brochure or even more complex dtp projects –the know-how of dtp-works.com frees your international presentation desires from linguistic and technical limits.

They say one learns from mistakes.

In the case of dtp work, mistakes are not only instructive, but at worst a renouncement of your competitive position in the competition of the target country. Therefore, we have implemented the above written wisdom on a smart way:

We at dtp-works.com learn by others to avoid such mistakes in advance!

Every of our DTP-lers in 90 target languages is familiar in theory and praxis with problem solutions, before the corresponding tools for these solutions are extensively available.

Our lead in experience with dtp work is your warranty for a project presentation in multibyte languages on first-class international competition level.