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Contents of a translated, globalized and locatable website are alive through the correct representation of complex symbols, for example, in Japanese or Arabic fonts. In other virtual presentations dtp work contain updated graphical media elements in the target languages and other complex technical transfers.

DTP work such as web globalization

Dtp-works.com is familiar with these and other dtp work for high quality representation of your website in the target country. We develop localization strategies for coding and for incorporating graphical media elements specifically for your website in the target country or in several target languages. To that end our experts are working on site with the most modern DTP tools. In addition, each of these qualified native speakers brings their broad experience with typical challenges of this kind to your website development.


Banner on the website

…or other graphics in the normal layout of the source language characterize your company and are with DTP, too part of your company’s presentation. But for two-way or multi-byte languages special localization solutions have to be developed for their proper representation in the target languages.Dtp-works.com does this for you affordably and effectively. Even if it takes a little longer to develop, in the end your banners will be displayed correctly in Hindi or in Arabic layout on your website as your trademark.

In the digital age, your website is a just as critically viewed representation as your personal appearance in the destination country is and as your products are. Therefore you shouldn’t leave DTP work of such importance to chance.

Give your projects for translation, globalization and locating of your website in to the experienced hands of dtp-works.com!