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Building up your international business was hard work for you and it is usually a while before you think about multilingual web presentation and dtp work. At the end of all your efforts there is a great plan – a multilingual palette of products with accompanying materials and high-quality ancillary marketing materials …

And this where WE at dtp-works.com come into play!

DTP work in 90 target languages

You outline your idea, we concretise the effort and options available as well as the time-related and technical parameters and practicability of complex project plans. dtp-works.com »builds« your new »house« from the ground floor up, meeting the expectations of the virtual world exactly. Through our years of experience with dtp work, our experts know the architecture of every source file and a number of suitable production strategies, of which only one will represent your company most successfully, in up to ninety possible target languages.

The localisation developers at dtp-works.com are at your disposal in every project phase should you require advice – either for individual project questions or for the project strategy from the beginning. We will support you in your choice of optimal applications with tips for possible expansion options. Dtp work also include the choice of fonts and use of the appropriate operating system for the source files as well as ideal production processes, alteration protocol scenarios and much more.

Our dtp-works.com experts in all 90 target languages are used to thinking in complex and global structures. We are thus your ideal partner for individual and project consulting assignments and/or potential dtp work. Dare to dream – try us out!