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Autres pays, autre moeurs … this is also true of software in various language areas. Dtp work for software localisation at dtp-works .com include adapting the content for your website, your marketing materials and product presentations to the linguistic and cultural requirements of 90 possible target countries.

We are just as structured here as in all other project stages.

DTP work / software localisation in 90 target languages

At the beginning of this part of the dtp work we undertake file preparation and technical processing. We identify and extract all the localisable elements – Dialogue boxes, sequences of symbols, help elements and online documentation, menus and error reports. dtp-works.com prepare your files, printed manuals and packaging for localisation at every level. Native speakers in the target country always know how local DTP conditions are changing and can react in your interest as the client in a timely manner.


We undertake pseudo-localisation for the software in our dtp work, extracting localised resources, flowing them in and changing what is required by the target country, such as the size of the dialogue boxes. All localised applications are tested by our experts at dtp-works.com for functionality before environmental tests and debugging of the software service is completed. Here too you have the benefit of our up-to-the-minute insider knowledge in all target languages, so localisation is always at the cutting edge of global DTP technology in every respect and every language area.

We can do more for you!

We also offer you localised screenshots, help file formatting, debugging and compilation in up to 90 target languages as well as tests of localised help files for functionality. We provide localised screenshots, manuals, online documentation and packaging to document dtp work. As a finale, we take over the technical quality assurance and edition production.

Your software localisation projects are in the best linguistic and technical hands in the world at dtp-works!