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What kind of content exactly can I have developed as dtp work?

Basically, you can have any text, document or website developed as dtp work. The goal of the contract is not only the transfer of the language, but also the digital transfer as desktop publishing, web globalization and localization, software localization, as well as the attractive display of a layout designed for the target groups in the target languages.

The majority of our customers have projects such as marketing materials, manuals, annual reports and websites performed as dtp work. Especially the execution in multi-byte and bidirectional languages is a service that is in high demand at dtp-works.com. Flash content also belongs to potential publishing and globalization projects.

To learn more about possible types of projects for dtp work, please visit the category »Services«; we have assembled a representative project overview as a »Showcases« for you.


In which target languages can dtp work be done?

We perform dtp work in up to 90 target languages. In doing so, we differentiate based on the technical requirements between numerous local idiosyncrasies in the type set and the representation customary for the country. Examples of multi-byte languages are Chinese, Japanese and Korean. The complex character types require special tools that are available in the Middle East or East Asia, Korea and for Cyrillic fonts.

Bidirectional languages include Persian, Arabic, Urdu, and Hebrew. In these countries too, our dtp-works.com native speakers work with the latest layout and localization tools for your dtp work in these and other similar target languages.

Fundamentally, 90 language pairs for translations and DTP services are at your disposal.


What is the cost for dtp work per target language?

We work with word, page and hourly rates, depending on the technical challenges your dtp work presents to the respective translators. Please send an inquiry to our contact address in advance with your own price suggestion, the approximate size and preferred finish date, or give us a call. We can then immediately provide you with a price estimate.

Should you have no experience with dtp work, we recommend that you first consult our website for an overview of possible services and project examples for each target language. If you have just an idea without a definitive project design in mind, we also offer individual- and project consulting for dtp work in one or more target languages.

How long does DTP work take?

For the most commonly performed dtp work, our native speakers have extremely precise time estimates for the implementation. A larger project scope does not necessarily translate in a longer development time. Conversely, there can be individual documents that require extensive publishing effort.

Generally speaking, quality comes over quantity. Therefore, please refrain from requesting a delivery date that cannot be met with good dtp work. We will, however, timely deliver on the date we committed to at the onset of the project. Every translated word and type technically prepared for globalization are further subjected to our »four-eyes-principal« by an equally qualified native speaker.

Only when your project has passed this company-internal cross check, you will receive an accurate and timely delivery in the desired target language(s).


Who can request DTP work?

Dtp work include translation, layout design and publishing from »screen to screen« (desktop publishing). This kind of work is generally commissioned by companies with the goal of reaching one or more target groups internationally by digital presentation. In addition, committees, government offices and agencies are increasingly resorting to dtp-works.com dtp work for their international exchange of formalities.

Gradually the »magic word DTP« is also gaining entry in to many schools, for example, for archiving teaching materials, making use of commonalities between subject matters across classes. Private individuals can contact us, too. It is important for your request to consider in advance the purpose the dtp work should fulfill for you.

In terms of pricing and quality, we treat individual and commercial dtp projects with equally high customer-service and cost effectiveness.


What kind of pricing applies to a major project or for continuous project support?

We use a sliding scale model (see paragraph three). Large projects, especially continuous support are more cost effective in the pricing range per word, page or hour. Small dtp work is quoted at a reasonable price for you. Since dtp work is not a clearly distinguishable product, we cannot give a precise cost estimate at this point.

We request a rough job description with your initial request so you can make your calculations for the desired target languages ahead of time. For an approximate description, please see paragraph two, section one. The more information you can give us via E-Mail about your desired dtp work, the more precise our quote for potential pricing can be.

Is there a minimum word or page requirement for dtp work?

Basically, every word is counted. However, since even a small dtp project comes with time expenditure, we only accept orders with a minimum of 30 euros. However, it is extremely rare that you will need only a single page of dtp work.

Or let’s say it this way: this has never been the case at dtp-works.com in all the years of our experience. Please don’t fires off a hasty »go«. Ask us, relative to the purpose of your small project, about the overall objective of the dtp work. In 99% of all cases it then becomes evident that much more than one page in a target language is needed.

How are the prices for dtp work in multibyte or bidirectional languages computed?

The rates do not change for your dtp work in multibyte or bidirectional target languages. For these very complex fonts, our on site dtp-works.com native speakers use tools that are specifically available in the respective countries. This »digital tool kit« is part of our daily routine in all 90 target languages.

That’s why we don’t charge the client for the latest update and upgrade. You only pay for the amount of your dtp work and don’t have to worry about hidden »extras«. No matter how many times an update is needed: this will be reflected to you only because your project will appear faultlessly on the monitors of the target group of your target country or countries.

How do you ensure that the content of my projects remain confidential before project begin or is protected from access by third parties?

Each of our employees worldwide signs a confidentiality agreement with dtp-works.com at the beginning of employment. Customer proprietary information remains confidential before, during and after the project is completed. Neither general nor project-specific confidential information is passed on to outside parties. We guarantee that the technical DTP experience gained during your project will be used only in anonymous form for other customer’s projects.

Their anonymity and the uniqueness of your project will be preserved even after completion of your project. For data transfer we use state of the art security technology. For detailed information about data protection a dtp-works.com, see our imprint.

What topics do you refuse for dtp work?

Despite all our love for language and technology, dtp-works.com feels ethically obligated to uphold life, the dignity of all living things, proper moral conduct and the governing law. We reject DTP services for illegal and / or immoral, racist and / or violence promoting, defamatory, discriminatory, and life disdaining content.

In a world that language has brought closer, we ask for your understanding for these restrictions. DTP services serve to facilitate international cooperation and therefore dtp-works.com makes an ethical contribution to the current tolerance for law and moral in all target countries.